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bkkwarehouse Annual Trip 2017

BKK WAREHOUSE Promotes Basketball
November 30, 2017
bkkwarehouse co-hosts merit-making ceremonies dedicated to the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej
January 8, 2018

bkkwarehouse Annual Trip 2017

BKKWAREHOUSE Annual Trip 2017
Chaeson National Park ,Lampang
on 16 – 17th September 2017


In this year, Bkkwarehouse arranges 2 nights 1 day annual trip at “Chaeson National Park”, Lumpang province for employees’ relaxation & unity increasing. There are a lot of amazing activities such as Roaming the forest for natural knowledge enrichment and closely interacting with it. There is a point the cold and hot water met, natural mineral bathing, egg natural boiling and water fail’s swimming, also evening party which be colorful, impresses all employees and make them be happy together.    

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